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The Terms and Conditions in this document govern the use of the online shopping service (the Service) of The Swim Shoppe (  The Service includes online shopping for all products in the website, delivery, payment, exchanges and returns and any promotions, specials or mark-downs conducted by The Swim Shoppe.  The Terms and Conditions cover what has been set forth in the following sections in : 

When you use our website or make an online purchase of our products from our website, you indicate your acceptance of, and agreement to be bound by the Terms and Conditions set forth by The Swim Shoppe.  You should also read the sections on Delivery, Payment, Exchanges and Returns as they are legally binding on you.  We reserve the rights to change, move or delete the Terms and Conditions and the sections listed above at any time without prior notice to you.  The amendments that we make will be effective from the time we publish them on our website.  We urge you to re-visit this section and the ones listed above in order to remain informed of any amendments.   

Prices, Order Fulfillment and Information in The Swim Shoppe :

All prices published in the website are in Singapore Dollars (SGD) and are inclusive of GST.  While we have ensured that prices and information are correct at the time of publication, we reserve the rights to alter all prices and all information should there be incorrect pricing or information due to erroneous inputs or changes from our suppliers.  Should the alteration happen after your have placed your orders and checked out your shopping carts, we will contact you on the price changes and discuss with you if you would like to proceed with your orders at the altered prices or cancel your orders.  As we order from various suppliers, there may be very rare occassions in which our stock levels cannot support your checked out orders.  In this case, we will contact you to discuss if you would like to replace your orders with other items and work out the price discrepancies or cancel your orders.  We reserve all rights to decide if we need to cancel your orders and give you a refund.  We always strive to represent our products as accurately as we can on our website.  However, there may be slight variations in product colors or other variations.  These are due to limitations in online representation, imaging or other technical reasons.  We will not be liable for these variations. 

Copyright :

The trademark and intellectual property rights of all the content and material published in belong to and are protected by our respective suppliers and The Swim Shoppe.  The content and material in our website are to facilitate understanding and purchases of our products.  Any other use including but not limiting to reproduction and distribution of the content and material in our website is strictly prohibited. 

Customer Information and Privacy :

When you register as our member or purchase our products online :

  • you agree to indemnify The Swim Shoppe against all legal actions, liabilities and financial charges that may be incurred arising from the provision, usage and storage of your personal information at
  • you agree that your information including but not limiting to your contact details may be used by The Swim Shoppe for marketing and administration purposes such as to gather your feedback, inform you of new products, promotion, specials, mark-downs and contact you to arrange for delivery of your purchases.  We will communicate with you via emails, telephone calls, e-newsletters, newsletters, brochures, etc.

Should you wish to opt out of our marketing communication and campaigns, please use the opt-out facility in our communication where applicable or contact us at  We value your privacy and your information will only be used by us for the aforementioned purposes and where we are required by law to disclose your information to law enforcement and government agencies, courts or external advisors.  We will not sell, rent nor share your information to a third-party except for providing your name, contact details and addresses to complete your orders for instance to deliver your purchases to you.  We will not be liable or responsible for the access, usage and storage of your information by third parties such as credit card companies or financial agencies.  All credit card payments go through PayPal’s secured infrastructure.  We will not view, access nor store your credit card and financial information.  You accept full responsibility for the provision, usage and confidentiality of your credit card details. 

Disclaimer :

The Swim Shoppe is not the manufacturer or supplier of the products featured in our website.  We will not be liable in all circumstances for any loss, damage, injury or death related to or arising from the use, misuse and mishandling of the products purchased from our website.  All our products are not sold nor intended as lifesaving or safety instruments.  Please use them only as per their intended purposes.  Children should always be supervised by adults when using the products.  Recommended age follows guidelines from our manufacturers and/or suppliers.  It serves as a rough guide only.  Purchasers and users take sole responsibility to assess product suitability and undertake all necessary safety precautions.  The Swim Shoppe will not be responsible for any product recall.  For such matters, please contact the manufacturers or suppliers directly.

Termination of Service :

We reserve all rights to terminate your access of our website and usage of all our services as a registered customer or otherwise in the event of any breach of the Terms and Conditions without prior notice. 

Jurisdiction :

The use of  and all services provided by The Swim Shoppe are governed by and construed in all respects in accordance with the laws of Singapore.  All parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Singapore.