Swim Training for Kids

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Swim Training for Kids

Teaching kids to swim has never been easier than with SwimWays®. Learning to swim is an important life skill that...



  • Swim Step 1

    Come on in baby, the water's just fine! Before they can learn to swim, babies need to first feel comfortable in the water. Our Swim Step 1 products are designed to help baby (and parents!) relax and enjoy the water introduction experience. SwimWays® Baby Spring Float™s feature wide bases to enhance security, have play spaces for toys, comfortable mesh seats, bright engaging colors and characters, and sun canopies (on some items) to protect delicate skin. We've thought of all the details so you can focus on every little splash and giggle of delight!

  • Swim Step 2

    Explore this watery new world with mom, dad, and SwimWays®! Swim Step 2 products are designed to provide just the right amount of support and comfort to your budding little swimmer as they learn to balance and paddle in the water for the first time. In addition to mom or dad being right by their side, our swim training aids can help your toddler get ready for swimming lessons as they develop important pre-swimming skills while getting a feel for the water. Swim Step 2 products include the Swim Sweater™ and Swim Vest™.

  • Swim Step 3

    Swim for it with a swim training vest from SwimWays®! As kids get older, they're ready to begin truly learning to swim. They've mastered water balancing and paddling and they may already have some other swimming skills. Swim Step 3 is perfect for kids at this stage - it's just like training wheels for the water! The graduated flotation systems in our swim vests give you the tools to progress your child's swimming ability at his or her own pace.